2016 Bridge to Brisbane

A new course, and a revived excitement to participate in this years Bridge to Brisbane – found me back on this Charity Fun Run. With our corporate sponsorship of RedKite, they were our charity of choice – and personally they made a large contribution towards my motivation for running this event again. Jess and the team from Redkite were encouraging with alot of pre-event support, providing tops (for our fundraising efforts) and also support along the way along with meeting us at the end.

The run itself was a much more enjoyable, as it ventured through different sections of the inner city Brisbane and a chance to run over the bridges on the road – rather than the usual footpath.

Made a conscious effort to run with the the team for this, both for a bit of team spirit (and lots of selfies) and trying to rest the legs for next weeks Coastal High 50.


Overall was a great event, lots of familiar faces and supporting a great charity who we look forward to working with again in the future.

2012 Bridge to Brisbane

Another Bridge to Brisbane run. Coming out of the Kiwi Conditioning running clinic with a better formed technique, I felt this would be a good event to give it a shot. Keeping my efforts going in the Nike Frees 3(5 lift) and maintaining a good Pull, Posture Lean all should be good. Also considering the night before was the devine Dinner on Blanc, which carried through the night and eventually I was home at midnight. All good the night was well worth it. Any back up at 4am, Train from central at 4.57 (highly recommended) and then arrive, in good time to get near the from of the Green section.

Starting the run, felt fine, and even during the whole event actually felt strong and upbeat. Finished with a PB, and enjoyed the route which is busy but everyone is in relatively good spirits, so all good. One step closer to wearing the Vibrams on a longer run.