2017 Yarrabilba TrailFest 21k

Back again for my second run of this course, it was a no brainer given that it’s somewhere different and a great relaxed and social event.
A chilli morning in preparation for this run, with a 50 min drive down to Yarrabilba from Brisbane. Managed to time it right and not having to wait too long before starting…
After a quick briefing, and appreciation of all the new runners with a quick casual briefing, we were at the start line and then we were off.
The course stated with about 700m of new estate roads, before getting into the start of the trails. We were warned of the creek crossing at 1.5km mark – which was very smart given the new runners. Personally I was happy to plough though it, and keep the feet cool. I think after about 5 km I finally got warmed up and found bit of a groove. At the 10km mark was the first of the hills, I managed to keep a decent pace up this hill, and disappointed that the scenic lookout point was not mentioned this year. Was a good spot for a selfie last year 😉
After descending this hill we ran the best bit of the course, the single trails for about 3km, and then back onto the fire-trails. With a couple short steep hills, then we had the rock hop down the ridge back towards the finish – via the creek crossing and the estate road.
Highlights was the single trails and chatting to the other runners in the different sections – making some of the hills so much easier.
  • Solomon slab vest with 2 water bottles
  • Asics GT2000.
  • Mountain Goat singlet and trucker cap
  • Injinji socks
  • Lululemon pants
  • Arbonne Preworkout
  •  4 Dates
  • 1.2l of water with Phytosport Hydration
  • Clif blok chews – whole bar
  • Beer
  • Post workout and a protein shake


Flyover view on relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/1096729379
Always trying to optimise my nutrition, I am happy with the hourly intake of sodium and carbs to to keep me feeling good for these 2 hours – with no cramping or lack of energy.
Thanks to the organisers – Those Guys, and looking forward to the next event with them as well – Coastal High 50 in 6? weeks… watch this space!

2016 Yarrabilba Trail Fest 21k

An event that was put on by Those Guys, was the inaugural Yarrabibla Trail Fest a relatively last minute entry, and a first event back with Pete back in town.

After a 40 minute drive down to the new township of Yarrabilba, we found the start. A good little community area bordering onto the Bushland.

With the event starting at 7am, a good time to beat the heat – we were off. A gradual pace alongside the new estate and after about 1km – into the bushland.

A great event – not having any idea what the course was like or knowledge of the terrain. Pete and I took it relatively easy to start, but kept a reasonable pace. The terrain started off sandy, with a few mud spots  and then pine trees and then the first hill – looked like a small volcano with alot of volcanic type rocks and a nice scamper / walk up the hill. Then another section, then the next hill (not too big in the scheme of things), with a nice optional lookout at the top – which we had to check out. Then a lovely set of single tracks and decline back down then a final hill up to the power lines (time for another quick selfie, and then the show decent back to the finish.

Overall a great course. Felt good throughout, took me about 5km to warm up – but from there felt good until the end. Always mentally tough seeing the finish line in the distance, but it was a small undulating decline back so was easy.

A warm welcome at the end – followed by a beer and burger at the end with the MGTR.

Would definitely do it again, or even revisit the course for something different.


Feet – Brooks GTX (need a new pair but can’t source size 15s anywhere) and Injini Socks.

Clothes – Mountain Goat T-shirt & Skins and Lululemon shorts

Recording – Strava on iphone. Garmin watches have failed me

Pack – Caribee (I really need to get something better)

Nutrition – Arbonne Phytosport (2 sachets mixed in the water).