2012 Bridge to Brisbane

Another Bridge to Brisbane run. Coming out of the Kiwi Conditioning running clinic with a better formed technique, I felt this would be a good event to give it a shot. Keeping my efforts going in the Nike Frees 3(5 lift) and maintaining a good Pull, Posture Lean all should be good. Also considering the night before was the devine Dinner on Blanc, which carried through the night and eventually I was home at midnight. All good the night was well worth it. Any back up at 4am, Train from central at 4.57 (highly recommended) and then arrive, in good time to get near the from of the Green section.

Starting the run, felt fine, and even during the whole event actually felt strong and upbeat. Finished with a PB, and enjoyed the route which is busy but everyone is in relatively good spirits, so all good. One step closer to wearing the Vibrams on a longer run.

2012 Lake Manchester Trail Run

Last minute entry into this run. Convinced to go by Tom from fit2excel, and given that we have always talked about doing a trail run together, I thought I’d get back into it. As I have taken some months off the trails to get my feet back in order from my Orthotics to Barefoot plan, and now happily in Nike Free Run shoes as a transition. Given they are not a Train Running shoe, I’d thought I’d still give it a go.

Tom and the fit2excel team were fortunate enough to get the pcyc bus to the start on the event and given the chill of the early August morning, I am glad we was driving and I could just rug up! Finally getting to the start, it was a different start point to 2009, but I figured the course would come back to me at some point. But the the thing I love about this is the relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of the participants. Even to hear the pre-race briefing was the organiser holding up a sheet of A3 paper, and saying “This is the map – don’t get get lost”, and then “Go”. And we we all off!

The actual run was awesome (also very well marked). I need to get out on the trails more! Fresh air, soft gravel, 3 or 4 over the ankle streams of water to ensure everyone got wet and a great outlook to enjoy while you are clicking out the k’s. My main grief was with my non trail shoes, where the downhill grip was non existent, and a little too slippery down the hills for my liking.

All up, and great event, and look forward to more Traq events. Good work guys.